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Do online transactions the escrow way - worry free!

  • Protects buyer and seller
  • Buyer pays before delivery
  • Seller only gets paid when delivery is confirmed
  • Money is returned to buyer if seller disappoints
  • No need to have a website
  • Very simple to initiate, just fill the form
How does it work?
  • 1 Buyer and seller
    agree to terms
  • 2 Buyer makes payment
    to SecureMyPay
  • 3 Seller delivers item
    to buyer
  • 4 Buyer confirms
  • 5 SecureMyPay releases
    payment to seller
No need to argue over pay before delivery or after delivery.

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Sell or buy a multitude of items online. Securely.

Gone are the days when you lose money buying or selling online. We secure payment for Buyer and Seller.